Major HiFi Review

By Sade Spence

MajorHiFi — June 6, 2016

Magnets are used inside your headphones to create sound, so why not use them on the outside to keep them untangled? 

Meet Nearbuds, magnetic earbud clips.

It’s a simple enough concept Why didn’t I think of this? to keep your in-ear monitors organized and out of the way. The magnetic clips are designed for Apple buds, but can possibly be used with other headphones based on their shape. Nearbuds come with three magnetic clips that attach to each ear piece and the audio jack. These magnets are actually strong enough to clip together through denim and other fabrics for easy storage and transport while commuting. Honestly, how many times have you let an earbud dangle out of your ear only to have it snag in a doorway. It hurts having an in-ear monitor forcibly pulled out of your ear canal. Well, Nearbuds will prevent that. The magnets allow users to clip one earbud to the other when not in use.

While working out, the buds can be clipped behind the wearer’s neck for safe storage. The nifty little gadget can also clip to sports bras, collars, you name it. I think my favorite part of the item is not just safe storage, but easy access. The time I spend untangling my wires while waiting for the train is atrocious.

The neodymium magnets are able to adhere to other metal surfaces like lamps or computers – perfect for studying. As simple as the device sounds, there are quite a bit of benefits from properly storing your headphones rather than shoving them into your pocket or purse. Nearbuds can prevent premature tear and safer wear for bikers, runners, commuters, and more.