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Fabricate Inc., the brain child of inventor and entrepreneur Luke MacKay, is a Toronto-based product innovation lab and the creator of popular Nearbuds™ accessories.

Luke MacKay  Founder & Owner of   Fabricate     Inc.,     FabricateBarcodes   and   Nearbuds™

Luke MacKay
Founder & Owner of Fabricate Inc., FabricateBarcodes and Nearbuds™

Luke and his team recently wrapped up a pair of successful crowdfunding campaigns, completing the journey to market of Universal Nearbuds™ — the hotly anticipated management and storage solution for a broad range of cords, cables, chargers and earbuds. 

Universal Nearbuds™ are powerful magnetic storage clips designed to help neatly and conveniently organize, stash and store wires of all kinds — both at home and on the go. Available in six (6) colors and featuring powerful Neodymium rare-earth magnets, Universal Nearbuds™ clip onto earbud and charger wires, allowing for a multitude of functions to fit any lifestyle. Each package contains three magnetic clips, as well as a handy self-adhesive, magnet friendly nano-suction steel disc. Fabricate Inc. uses smart “Snap-On” technology to ensure no glues are required in the manufacturing process. This means the magnets will never come apart from their housings. Universal Nearbuds™ are 100% satisfaction-guaranteed.

Universal Nearbuds™ clip to earbud cords and magnetically snap together, so it’s a breeze to stow headphones behind your neck or throw them in a backpack or tote. Better still, Universal Nearbuds™ attach to charger cables, so you can organize all your chargers by simply snapping them to the self-adhesive nano-suction steel disc included in each package — or to any other magnet friendly surface. Additionally, Universal Nearbuds™ are a perfect complement to corded industrial earplugs, Bluetooth neck-style headphones and even sunglasses and eyeglasses cords.

The initial concept for Original Nearbuds™ stemmed from Luke’s frustration with tangled earbud wires, lost and damaged earbuds and dangling piles of charger cords and cables.

Fabricate Inc. successfully introduced original Original Nearbuds™, magnetic clips specifically designed to fit Apple® Earbuds™, in 2014, with an overfunded Kickstarter campaign. In May 2018, after extensive testing and feedback from distributors and retailers, the company completed another overfunded campaign, this time on Indiegogo, to develop a Proof Of Concept for a redesigned and improved version of the product. The new Universal Nearbuds™ now fit just about any type of wired earbuds – as well as chargers, cables and cords – to keep all your wires safe, tidy and tangle-free.

A second Universal Nearbuds™ Kickstarter campaign ran from June 27 to July 27, 2018, reaching 128% of goal during the 30-day period. Perks included special early-bird pricing and customized color and product bundles.

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