AMAZING Product.

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Wanted to give some feedback. I think the Nearbuds are an amazing product. So much so that multiple people in my office have purchased them following seeing me with them.

I think you dealt with the initial feedback very well and adapted the product to make it as fit for purpose as possible. The result is a great product that you ever so kindly gave to your initial backers free of charge a second time.

Great product, great company and a great CEO.

Thanks again,


Super… Keeps earbuds near and safe!

5 Stars Review.png

Thanks for a super gadget for my iPhone. So easy to use and yes, they keep my earbuds near, and safe!

Wow! You sure went above and beyond to honour your commitment to Kickstarter backers of Nearbuds.

My Nearbuds from your first batch arrived on time and work really well. Then you sent me a second set, for free! You wrote it was a gift because there was a problem with a few sets in the first batch you sent out.

My original ones still work perfectly so I gave the gift set to a friend.Now I can’t imagine working out, or gardening, withoutmy Nearbuds.

Thanks for your integrity.

Good luck to you.