"Rover" Bundle: NearBuds™ + Earbuds

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"Rover" Bundle: NearBuds™ + Earbuds

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With the "Rover" bundle, enjoy great sounding, high-quality earbuds with attachable NearBuds™ magnetic clips for stashing behind your neck, on your clothing, or to any magnetic-friendly surface! 

Bundle includes:

  • "Mikey" earbud headphones

- Clear, high-quality sound, with microphone and remote
- Fits ALL 3.5mm headphone ports, for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia
- Compact, easy-to-store
- Ten colors to choose from

  • Nearbuds

- Made with powerful neodymium magnets and superb high-quality construction
- Engineered and tested for lasting strength and durability
- Sweat and weather-resistant

Nearbuds are perfect for on-the-go listening — gym, jogging and workout friendly!

*Designed for use with Apple® EarPods™ supplied with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S,6, 6+, iPod Nano (7th Gen.), iPod Touch (5th Gen. or newer) or Apple EarPod Model # MD827ZM/A. *EarPods™ sold separately.

"I think my favorite part of the item is not just safe storage, but easy access." — MajorHifi.com
“The design of this product enables users to have a tangle and frustration-free experience with their headphones. The product simplifies an experience that almost everyone has every day.” — Trendhunter.com

Nearbuds™ are powerful magnetic clips that attach to your Apple® EarPods™ and allow you to snap the 3.5mm jack and earbud pieces together to prevent tangled wires in pockets, purses and backpacks. Magnetically attach your earbuds to lapels, collars, shirtfronts, behind your neck and to any magnetic-friendly surface for easy storage and organization. Nearbuds are a great everyday-carry product and a valuable tool for all Apple EarPod users including cyclists, runners, joggers, walkers, gym trainers, yoga practitioners and outdoor enthusiasts alike!

"Mikey" Earphones Color:
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